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Our Vision and Mission

What We Do

Make a commitment and take responsibility for operating in accordance with the established guidelines.

Masstec Link Public Co., Ltd. is a prominent distributor of engineering products, including air HVAC systems, fire protection systems, sanitary systems, and electrical systems. We strive to offer our customers comprehensive service with top-quality products, satisfactory service, and reliability. Our quality control system sets us apart, building trust with project owners, consultants, designers, and contractors who partner with us.
Masstec Link has expanded and developed its product and service sourcing continuously to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. We strive to provide our customers with confidence that we never cease to innovate and improve.

We have received certification from the international quality management system standard ISO 9001, which underscores our goal to be a top trading company in engineering system products and environmental product sectors. Our proud business growth includes products like water treatment for swimming pools, water treatment for cooling towers, solar cells, and EV chargers.
Masstec Link is committed to upholding environmental sustainability and maintaining high quality standards in the industry, regardless of the direction the future may take us. Our dedication to these principles ensures that we will continue to support and promote responsible practices in all our endeavors.


" To deliver the best value technology solution
to customers and environment "


corporate development

"Establish Masstec Link to be a sustainable and excellent company for all 5 stakeholder groups, including shareholders, customers, partners, employees, and society."

product development

"To create and develop valuable and excellent products and brand logos in order to instill pride in the Thai people."

staff development

"Dedicated to sourcing, delivering, and implementing innovations to conserve energy and reduce carbon footprints for those involved and the environment."

"Create a training institute to deliver knowledge"

"Create a training institute to deliver knowledge on the application of engineering technology of the organisation to those involved in the sustainable development of the social sector as a whole."


Masstec Link is one of the leaders in engineering products and services that meet the needs of mechanical selling products for M&E system


Our history
In 1990, Massive Technology and Engineering Company Co., Ltd. was born in the business world

with the primary objective of distributing valve products for air conditioning systems, sanitation systems for buildings, and all types of industries.

Later, in 1993, Massive Technology and Engineering Company Limited (1993) was established to carry out the valve business (Dealer).


In just three years, the company has begun to be known and developed its business rapidly.

In a meantime, Massive Technology and Engineering Company Limited began to gain more experience and expertise.  Therefore, our company expanded the market group to the petroleum industry and gradually developed a pioneering organisation importing fire extinguishing system products to become an official distributor in Thailand.



Mastec Link Company Limited, leading to a bold move forward


During the years 1994-2000, there was a significant increase in industrial production and import activities, which garnered the interest of engineers, contractors, and individuals in the construction industry. The company became well-known and rapidly expanded its business.

Later, in 2001, our executives decided to merge the two companies under the name Mastec Link Company Limited, leading to a bold move forward in distributing products related to air conditioning, sanitation, and fire extinguishing systems for all types of buildings and industries.


Masstec Link has entered the stock exchange and become a public company.

It has developed and strengthened its service potential to fully meet customers’ needs by making it well-known and trustworthy to customers in either government or private sectors, making Masstec Link continue to be a leader in the engineering industry in a sustainable way.



with quality and comprehensive services, both now and in the future to create excellent value for customers, committing to being the leader in selling products for M&E system work, quality objectives, and related operations are to ensure that the operations of Mastech Link Company Limited are by the quality policy, consistent with quality planning and achieving relevant requirements. The company, therefore, sets quality objectives as follows

Customer Satisfaction

We mainly consider the importance and satisfaction of customers and users to receive maximum benefits.

Create a ready-to-give-advice service team.

We create a service team who is ready to provide technical advice and after-sales service that is up-to-date in technology and punctual.

Recruiting and selecting engineering products, M&E system from both domestic and international manufacturers.

We mainly consider the importance and satisfaction of customers and users to receive maximum benefits.

Quality Policy Img 2
Quality Policy Img 1

Product Development

We create and develop products and brands (BRAND) that are valuable and belong to Thai people.

Personnel Development

We develop personnel in the organisation to have knowledge and ability through training and instil service consciousness in our team to meet utter expertise and efficiency.

Develop all operating systems in the organisation.

We mainly consider the importance and satisfaction of customers and users to receive maximum benefits.

Board of Directors "Masstec Link"


Dr. Chotichai Jarerngam

  • Independent Director
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Chairman of the Audit Committee

Mr. Paisan Mahaphannaporn

  • Independent Director
  • Audit Committee

Miss Onchulee Lorsamittikul

  • Independent Director
  • Audit Committee

Dr. Rompho Suwannik

  • Company Director
  • Audit Committee

Mr. Dussadee Meechai

  • Company Director
  • Executive Chairman
  • Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kamthorn Kunanopparat

  • Company Director
  • Executive Director
  • Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

executive "Masstec Link"

Mr. Dusadee Meechai

Mr. Dussadee Meechai

Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Kamthorn Kunanopparat

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

(Chief Sales and Marketing Officer)


Mrs. Phattharaphon Bunrasri

Chief Financial Officer

(Chief Financial Officer)


Miss Parin Thipsombatwong

Chief Operating Officer

(Chief Operating Officer)

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