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Mastech Link Public Company Limited

We are a leading company in selling engineering products. For air conditioning, fire extinguishing, and sanitation systems and electrical systems. We strive to solve all problems for our customers with excellent quality products. Impressive service and reliable quality control system And with our excellent qualifications, we have earned the trust and trust of project owners, designers, supervisors, and contractors who have worked with us.

welfare benefit

  • provident fund
  • loan fund
  • Medical expenses according to company regulations
  • Employee uniform
  • Annual health check
  • Overtime (OT)
  • Adjustment of salary after probation period and living expenses
  • Bonuses and annual adjustments
  • Marriage allowance, child scholarship, funeral allowance, etc.
  • In-House Training and Public Training
  • Training and practicing English language skills
  • accident insurance (Some job positions)
  • Car gas costs (Some job positions)
  • Car insurance cost (Some job positions)
  • Car wear and tear (Some job positions)
  • Telephone expenses (some positions)
  • Incentive fee (some positions)
  • Allowances in the case of working outside the area
  • Company activities such as New Year’s party, etc.
  • Expressway fees (some positions)
  • accident insurance (Some job positions)
  • Work Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Closed Saturday – Sunday and public holidays.


Mr. Thanawat
Mastech Link Public Company Limited
74 Soi Nakniwat 48 Nakniwat Road
Lat Phrao Subdistrict, Lat Phrao District, Bangkok 10230
Telephone: 02-942-1433 ext. 4705, 063-393-1786

How to travel

Travel by bus number 156 **Please contact the Human Resources Department** 02-942-1433 ext. 4705 or 4703 or 4701

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