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Reflex Degassing System

Reflex Degassing System

Innovation to increase the efficiency of heat exchange of the HVAC system with a system for removing large air bubbles up to the level of dissolved air in the water (Dissolved air) from the cold water system, a system for trapping metal scraps and dirt as small as 5 microns without creating Increased pressure drop, high-precision system pressure control system to prevent system pressure being too low or higher than the designed value, which will deteriorate system performance or cause premature deterioration of system components. Including a system to remove air in the make up water so that it is not a burden to remove it later.

  • Increase Chilled Water Pump efficiency by 1.2 – 5.0%
  • Increase heat exchange efficiency of Chilled Water Coil, Heat Exchanger and Chiller.
  • Prevents corrosion problems of pipes and equipment in the system from Oxidation reactions due to Gas Oxygen that comes with Free Air and Dissolved Air, thus reducing maintenance costs and reducing down time when shutting down the system for repairs.
  • Reduce Friction Loss of flow in cold water pipes.
  • Reduces noise at the Fan Coil Unit due to air bubbles.
  • Prevents Air Block problems, especially the Fan Coil at the end of the Loop.
  • Increase the accuracy of Flow Rate and Temperature measuring equipment in the Chiller Manager or BAS system.

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