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We look forward to introducing you to new products and solutions at the ISH and VVS exhibitions 2023 At the 2023 exhibitions, you can see some of our latest products and digital solutions. One of them is the OPTIMA Compact Veriflow-series, a pressure independent balancing and control valve (PIBCV) with integrated flow measurement that ensures optimal conditions for startup and fine-tuning of the system and allows for pump energy savings.

OPTIMA Compact, Veriflow-series

This is an extended version of our world leading PICV, the OPTIMA Compact. Every feature and benefit from the original product can still be found in the Veriflow-series.

LOGICA Digital, Energy-series

This incredibly compact digital actuator is designed to optimise energy usage in HVAC systems during operation through direct communication with the building’s BMS via either Modbus or BACNet with no need for a seperate control box. Because of that connectivity many tasks that would have required hands-on management can now be achieved remotely in the BMS.

MODULA By pass Unit

MODULA is a compact and versatile valve system that combines the range of dynamic flow, pressure and temperature control valves with isolation, flushing, draining and measurement components within a prefabricated, tested and ready to install terminal bypass unit.

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