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EV Charger

EV Charger

*The price includes installation
*2-year warranty
*Tax invoice can be issued.
*installation conditions
1 Phase 7.4 kW : wire size 3x10sq mm. not exceeding 15m. (from the electrical panel to the charging station installation point)

*price exclusively for Bangkok and its vicinity.
*Conditions are subject to the company’s regulations and may be changed without prior notice.


  • Supports both residential and public use.
  • Install an identity verification system to show charging rights via RFID
  • The material is aluminum, lightweight, non rusting, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Equipped with LED to display the working status of the charger (power, connection, charging, error)
  • Set the charging time and adjust the charging current in advance through a web application
  • Install a communication device between the user and the machine. By communicating via Wifi and Modbus TCP, charging data can be used to create a charge management system. in conjunction with building management
  • In the case of using a single device, the charger can be contacted through WiFi installed on the device, and users can read the device’s operating values. Provide user electricity information through the installed web application.
  • The web application for electric vehicle chargers is designed to be easy to use, used to set up licenses, and report charging results. It will display the energy value of charging. Current, charging status, and fault reports when problems occur during charging, including charger, power supply, total charging time, and charging time. Calculate each or monthly fee.
  • Report the user’s charging history, charging time, charging time, and power consumption.

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